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Congratulations, Sam

By March 1, 2014January 12th, 2016Careers, General news

Sam Puchala is now a partner at SATOV

Sam Puchala joined SATOV in its early days, in September of 2004, and quickly became a pillar of the organization. We recently formally recognized that contribution by making Sam a partner at SATOV.

Sam holds degrees in law and pharmacology, and an MBA, and he has worked in every type of industry and on all types of projects. In the last few years, Sam has focused on customer strategy, tackling issues such as customer research and segmentation and leading complex pricing and customer profitability analyses. He has also built our offering in marketing effectiveness measurement, a set of tools that helps companies determine which marketing investments yield the highest returns.

Sam is known to our clients as brilliant, highly analytical and extremely dedicated. He retains time to pursue a list of varied interests, such as studying European history and collecting ancient coins. These qualities and his extensive expertise make him a cornerstone of this organization, and we are very pleased to have him join the ranks of our partners.