Most businesses struggle with balancing efficiency and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Contact centres and field operations are changing to meet evolving customer expectations and one misstep can be the difference between driving customer loyalty or churn.

Are you unsure where you should be investing to drive a better customer experience? Do you want to diagnose potential inefficiencies? Unsure if your field operations team is taking unnecessary risks or missing out on profit-generating opportunities?

How SATOV can help

Our extensive experience working in some of North America’s leading contact centres and field operations teams helps us quickly diagnose issues and identify improvement opportunities. We’ve helped many companies create industry-leading customer experiences while reducing their operational costs. Give us a call to see how we can help.

Some of our Services

  • Operational diagnostics for contact
    centers and field services
  • BPO and work-from home planning and implementation
  • Service demarcation policies

Case Studies

Contact center and field services transformation

September 17, 2019

Contact center transformation

September 17, 2019