Why work for us?

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You have been at school learning the skills you need to become a business leader. You’re eager to try out everything you learned. You want to solve challenging problems, contribute to a growing business, build a network of relationships and keep developing.

At SATOV, we believe the best way for you to develop is to get out there and do it. You will find yourself working on a client engagement early on. You will get unparalleled access to our firm’s partners and to our clients. You will be part of a tight knit and supportive atmosphere. You’ll be doing all the things you learned about and more, from the moment you become part of the SATOV team.

So come join us. And get out there.


Get out there and help our clients

Our newest team members are given their own work streams on our projects. When the project is over, we want everyone to take pride in how their work impacted our clients. View our clients now.

Get out there and build relationships

You will work in close contact with senior leaders and will be encouraged to build your own networks. Whether you rise to partner at our firm or take on a senior leadership role elsewhere, these networks that you build during your time with us will serve you well.

Get out there and learn

You will have a front row seat to observe a developing firm. SATOV partners are candid about the challenges they face, from pitching to clients to negotiating contracts to firm management. Working at SATOV, you will learn what it takes to be a business operator.

Get out there and build

You will have a role in growing the firm. Each team member is responsible for an area of firm development such as marketing, practice development or knowledge management.

Get out there and present

Communication skills are essential to being a successful business advisor. At SATOV, team members are constantly working on their presentation skills both internally and with clients.

Get out there in the community

SATOV is committed to helping nonprofit organizations whose work empowers those in need to generate their own lasting socio-economic change. Each year, we provide strategic support to a selected organization who meets our criteria. See how we are active in the community now.

Get out there together

While we give team members a lot of responsibility, we don’t expect them to do it all on their own. Members of our close knit team are always there to help you when you need it.