Hindsight is 20/20 and Nike is looking great for having stuck with Tiger when it mattered. Hear Mark’s take on the value of Tiger’s brand

Be something or be nothing! Mark discussed the gaps in HBC’s strategy as well as Loblaw’s plan to give points for ad views

What were they thinking? The government of Ontario really fumbled the ball on pot legalization and are now forcing others to pay the price.  Mark discussed pot retail with Greg as well as Ferrero’s new brand expansion strategy

The best platform wins! That is what Apple is saying as it prioritizes content assembly and curation in its streaming wars moves. PS they have some content too…

Tesla is focusing on the short term and making some mistakes. – Mark and Greg discussed Tesla’s strategy as well as what retail sales are telling us about the health of the economy

Timmie’s should do just fine in China, at least from a brand perspective. Mark & Greg discuss growth for some of Canada’s big brands and contraction for others (HBC)

Too little too late for Payless ShoeSource – Mark and Greg discuss the recent Chapter 11 filing as well as Netflix’s new production hub in Toronto

We came across a very interesting venture called Beacon CBT which aims to make effective mental health care more affordable and accessible through digital therapy. Mark’s chats with Beacon founder Sam Duboc, where they share their own journeys with mental health challenges and talk about the Beacon story.

When it comes to blockbuster viewership, The Super Bowl is still the only game in town which is why advertisers will pay a hefty premium for the eyeballs, even as they decline over time

Will autonomous cars really be a thing? When? Who will play and how? Mark and Greg discuss Apple’s role in this evolving space and Dollarama’s move to online bulk shipping