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We have been lucky to have had some truly amazing people come through our doors at SATOV since 2002. People leave our firm to do great things in the business world, including running their own businesses, playing a key role in start-ups, taking senior corporate roles and working in private equity.

We keep in touch with our alumni after they move on to ensure they remain a part of our close knit family. Learn about some of our incredibly talented alumni below.

Sam Roston

Alumni Spotlight: Sam Roston

The biggest thing for me was the culture. SATOV is family to me. I was fortunate to have Mark, Sam and other senior members of the firm take me under their wing and mentor me.

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Mark Healy

Alumni Spotlight: Mark Healy

I’m the CMO. I direct all things marketing, communications and digital. The mandate is straightforward: grow the game in Canada and grow our organization’s reputation internationally.

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John Fackoury

Alumni Spotlight: John Fackoury

I run the Canadian distribution of the Tron brand of hockey equipment. Right now I’m the only (official) employee, so it means everything from building and creating the brand to managing inventory to answering customer emails to packing boxes.

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Kuba Soltysiak

Alumni Spotlight: Kuba Soltysiak

I thought SATOV was the best place I could have worked at in my first role after school.  It’s hard to match the breadth of experience across industries and business problems, and the range of amazing people I’ve met along the way in all sorts of businesses and in all roles.  Just be prepared to work hard before you sign.  Call me if you have any doubts.

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Andres Martinez

Alumni Spotlight: Andres Martinez

I lead competitive intelligence, device and compensation cost management, and I coordinate Commercial Planning for the Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) at Rogers Communications

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