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“How can we effectively integrate acquisitions?”

With roll-up strategies and tuck-in acquisitions becoming more commonplace, fund managers have an additional challenge: how to integrate?

And integration is hard.  Not only do managers have to figure out and execute the strategy, but they have to deal with the human side of changing cultures, unclear roles and fragile egos.

Our consulting firm was founded in 2002 to help integrate two global chemical players who had come together. Since then we have worked on a range of mergers and acquisitions. We have assisted in everything from deal sourcing and prioritization to Day 1 communication planning and organizational redesign to synergy capture and tracking.

We help leaders see some of the risks that integration can bring and then help them create plans to mitigate them.  We understand how hard it can be for teammates to ‘change jerseys’ and play for the other team.  We help bring people along through the journey, and sometimes help leaders identify those who may never get there.

Ultimately, we help our clients create and manage an integration plan that focuses on mitigating the largest risks and capturing the biggest sources of value.  Often our clients ask us to stay on and manage some of the most sensitive and critical projects.

Are you trying to identify tuck-in targets? Are you nearing a close of a new acquisition? Give us a call. Let us share our experience and highlight some integration benefits and risks.