May 25, 2020

Crisis Management – Walmart and The Home Depot, DoorDash’s questionable customer acquisition strategies and hope for a COVID vaccine

May 25, 2020

Crisis Management – Retail bankruptcies, shopping malls, and Tim Hortons reopening

May 25, 2020

Crisis Management – Government relief, the auto industry, and talks of Amazon acquiring AMC

May 25, 2020

Crisis Management – Uber, Airbnb, retail reopening, and Shopify’s valuation

May 25, 2020

Crisis Management – Amazon, airlines, bailouts, and bankruptcies

April 30, 2020

Crisis Management on Yahoo Finance

March 3, 2020

You need to have a plan. Mark Satov joined Greg Bonnell on BNN Bloomberg to discuss the economic impacts of coronavirus on businesses and also the need for leaders to set precedent early within their companies.

February 24, 2020

‘you can’t sell products to women if you don’t respect women’. Mark Satov discussed Victoria’s Secret with Greg Bonnell and also touched on Forever 21, Pier 1 and other struggling brands

February 7, 2020

Too good to be true… or just a great deal? Mark Satov discussed Flair’s new pricing plans and a bit about airline pricing in general

January 29, 2020

Another player who started online and is now mixing it up with an omni-channel retail strategy – selling mattresses with partner retailers and in their own stores. Watch as Greg Bonnell and Mark Satov discussed Casper and their IPO