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Keeping seniors healthy, longer

It’s no surprise that senior citizens have the greatest health needs in terms of cost and demand on the healthcare system.  Slowing the progression of illness in people over 65 improves quality of life and saves $ billions, but our healthcare system has been too focused on the later stages of treating our seniors.  We need more and scalable solutions to keeping them healthier and keeping them out of the emergency rooms and long-term-care facilities.  So, let’s do this!

SATOV partner Kamal Gautam is leading a roundtable discussion on September 27, 2023, with leading healthcare stakeholders in the public and private sector. Using an “answer first” approach, the roundtable members will study several successful case studies from jurisdictions in the US and Europe, looking to identify potential collaboration opportunities to bring and scale similar solutions here. Proceedings will be published in October 2023.

Here are some examples of programs and cases we are looking into:




Preventive / Healthy Behaviours

Active Aging Communities

Danish program to build communities around senior citizens to increase physical fitness.

Wider Circle

Community-based program to engage seniors in proactive health management by building trusted relationships with facilitators and each other.

Team-based Integrated Medical and Social Care


Home-based program to address functional concerns and healthcare expenses through RNs, PT/OTs.


Team-based PACE centers that bring seniors in for full assessments, care planning, and social activities.

Acute Care at Home

Hospital At Home

Innovative model providing hospital-level care in a patient’s home as a substitute for acute hospital care

To share your insights into improving care for seniors, get in touch here: