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Crisis Management – Goodbye

Other than a holiday show you will see shared over the next two weeks this was my last episode of Crisis Management. Doing this show has been a true joy for me and the realization of a goal I had set years ago. I wish I could continue but as many know some events in my life in 2020 completely kicked my ass and I just won’t have the time in 2021 to devote to this show while also running my consulting business, attending to new responsibilities and of course spending time with my family. I am so grateful to Verizon Media for giving me the opportunity to do this, to Kirsty March (the first boss I have had in a while), the amazing production team and the absolute perfect co-host I had in Alicja Siekierska. A giant thanks to my partners and team at SATOV for putting up with the show and contributing to it. And to my amazing wife Karuna who tolerates me, supports me and even watched the show…what would I ever do without you?? PS sorry for the long post

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