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Customer Issues

AMEX knows how to resolve customer issues: a traveller’s tale

By Loyalty and retention, Mark Satov

We have all heard about the guy who went to the Nordstorm store to return a set of tires and was allowed to do so even though he bought it at a different store in the same location. That is one of the most over-hyped and least instructive customer service stories I have ever heard…But I do think that companies can turn customer frustration into loyalty if they train and empower their employees. Here is a recent experience of mine and some quick lessons for customer service providers:

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Grocery hasn’t embraced tech yet, at least not successfully

By Customer experience, Mark Satov

If you were in business school with me in the 90’s you would have believed (many did) that PeaPod and others like it were going to revolutionize the grocery experience. Then with the explosion of e-commerce and the millennials, it was going to happen any day…..I thought I would share some views on another attempt at modernizing grocery – the self checkout.

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Using live-chat well: a case example and some do’s and don’ts

By Customer experience, Mark Satov

After a lovely Passover Seder at my Mom’s house, my wife and I decided to send some flowers to thank her and otherwise brighten her day. I volunteered to handle the transaction (nice son and husband, I know!) I don’t have a regular florist and am between EA’s at the moment, so I did a quick web search, challenging myself to get this done in less than 10 minutes. To my surprise and delight I beat that time significantly and enjoyed the process, mostly because of a proper use of the chat function by Local Blossom. I write and speak a lot about when and how to use electronic channels and other technology. This player got it right for a few reasons…

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