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Taking big consulting advice to small business…on the airwaves

By June 21, 2016November 28th, 2016General news, Mark Satov, Media

Blog post by Mark Satov

Small business.  I grew up in a family where life centered around a few small businesses, have run and invested in many and make my living by running one today. The Canadian economy relies on small businesses too, producing 30{a23d3e3aff46d689b50c88cc1d7606a7a28ed4b695b585c6bb0ea43784184748} of GDP and accounting for 42{a23d3e3aff46d689b50c88cc1d7606a7a28ed4b695b585c6bb0ea43784184748} of research and development spending.(1)

Typically my team and I consult to large businesses, working on complex problems that warrant deep analysis, large teams and considerable fees.  But small businesses have the same types of issues:

  • Which customers should they target?
  • How can they maximize profit through the right price?
  • What is the most efficient channel structure and the experience within that channel?

So I thought it would be interesting to bring some of my big business expertise to small businesses.  I came up with an idea for a radio show where small businesses would present their challenges and we would give them some insight on air.  I presented the idea to Newstalk 1010 who decided to pilot it.

After three episodes, I would love to hear your feedback as we figure out the perfect format.  Send me an email or a tweet @MarkSatov and tell me what you think!

Listen in here:

Episode 1

Episode 2

(1)Statistics Canada, Industrial Research and Development, 2015; and Innovation, Science and Economic Development calculations.