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Sixteen is Sweet – Happy Birthday to SATOV!

By April 16, 2018June 20th, 2018Mark Satov, General news
SATOV Sweet Sixteen
Blog post by Mark Satov
Sixteen is Sweet! Happy Birthday to us and thanks to all of you…

On Monday April 15th, 2002 in Racine, Wisconsin I began my first project as an independent consultant.   I surely didn’t realize then how much of my life I would spend there and how much gratitude I would owe to the people and businesses of that town.  It was there that my first client put their trust in me, there that I honed my craft as a business advisor, there that I developed the value proposition of my firm and there that I snatched my first (and second and third) giant project from the jaws of the big three strategy firms.   We still do some work in Racine, thanks to a few longstanding relationships, and it is a great joy to go back to our roots and spend time with old friends and colleagues.

Our business has matured a fair bit over the years.  Sam joined the firm in 2004 and together we have developed a method of solving problems and working with clients that like to think is our ‘special sauce’.   We call it THE SATOV WAY, and nothing is more important to us staying true to that philosophy.   That is why we are personally attached to every project and why we can’t sleep at night if we don’t think the team is ready for the next day’s client meeting, with a perfect presentation to support it.  We continually increase our investment in developing our staff; it gives us great pride to see our alumni go out in the world and have real impact as senior business leaders.

We are excited about the future at Satov.   Later in April we will share the details of our Private Equity Practice Area, which includes a set of specific tools we developed for our clients in that sector.  Over the next several months we will also update our approach for our other client sectors including retail and consumer goods, financial services and more.  In addition, we are excited to announce that we will be moving our offices this summer to a space that is closer to our clients and designed for the way we work.

When I started I certainly didn’t know I would be here sixteen years later.  But here I am and I am looking forward to the next sixteen.  I am so grateful to my partner, our amazing team past and present and our clients who have trusted us enough to be let us help them.  Thank you all!