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Using live-chat well: a case example and some do’s and don’ts

By Customer experience, Mark Satov

After a lovely Passover Seder at my Mom’s house, my wife and I decided to send some flowers to thank her and otherwise brighten her day. I volunteered to handle the transaction (nice son and husband, I know!) I don’t have a regular florist and am between EA’s at the moment, so I did a quick web search, challenging myself to get this done in less than 10 minutes. To my surprise and delight I beat that time significantly and enjoyed the process, mostly because of a proper use of the chat function by Local Blossom. I write and speak a lot about when and how to use electronic channels and other technology. This player got it right for a few reasons…

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Congratulations Cossette

By General news

At SATOV, we like to see friends succeed. So we couldn’t be happier for Cossette, one of Canada’s biggest advertising firms and a long-standing client and strategic partner. In December 2014, BlueFocus Communication Group, a dominant public relations player in the Chinese market, purchased a majority stake in Vision7 International, Cossette’s parent company.

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Missing the mark

By In The News, Mark Satov, Market and consumer insights

Well, that was quick. Less than two years after it launched its Canadian expansion, Target Corp. is closing all of its stores across the country. The American retail giant is expected to post US$5.4 billion in pretax losses on discontinued operations for the fourth quarter of 2014. Target has only itself to blame for this massive failure. The company never got things right in the critical early stages of its Canadian adventure, disappointing customers again and again.

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Customer fallacies

Don’t buy into these common customer fallacies

By Go to market

In an increasingly complex and competitive world, business executives are focused on improving their understanding of their customers. Organizations today are fortunate to have a wealth of customer information at their fingertips. Hours are spent conducting surveys and focus groups, and in analyzing transactional, demographic and other data in an attempt to optimize the way they segment their customers and drive them to behavior. In our work, we have observed some commonly held, but often incorrect, views about customers. We call them the customer fallacies.

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