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Chief Customer Officer Insights from AceTech Ontario

By | Customer experience, Human resources

Earlier this year I wrote an article for the Globe outlining the top reasons for companies to have a Chief Customer Officer. Without repeating all the details, the basic premise was that in the era of customer centricity companies need a senior executive that owns the end to end customer experience. This executive needs to be empowered to make decisions across what today are individual silos: marketing, sales, operations, human resources, etc.; if it impacts the customer, the CCO needs to be accountable for it.

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Grocery hasn’t embraced tech yet, at least not successfully

By | Customer experience, Mark Satov

If you were in business school with me in the 90’s you would have believed (many did) that PeaPod and others like it were going to revolutionize the grocery experience. Then with the explosion of e-commerce and the millennials, it was going to happen any day…..I thought I would share some views on another attempt at modernizing grocery – the self checkout.

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