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Recent Cases: Post-Merger Integration

Following our due diligence work for a Toronto-based PE firm, the portfolio company engaged SATOV to help combine operations for some of its larger clinics.

Following the successful acquisition, the Satov team worked with management, which was interested in combining the operations of a few of its larger clinics to increase patient care, strengthen morale and manage expenses more effectively.

Led by Carolyn Stark and Natasha Raffa, SATOV used its suite of integration tools on operations, communication, governance, organization design and branding, along with tailored approaches to manage the transfer of medical devices and comply with regulatory and legal boundaries.

The program led to merged operations with minimal disruptions.

The ability to move from advising to helping really matters to us. Working with private equity and portfolio management teams in a collaborative manner is one of the real treasures in our work.

For more information, please contact Natasha Raffa or Mark Satov.