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At SATOV, we believe that strong economies are at the heart of strong societies and communities

By June 1, 2012January 12th, 2016General news

We do our best to contribute our expertise to support and sustain non-profit organizations and our local community.

When our people see a serious need, we try to find a way for them to be involved. Our team participates in a variety of volunteer, fundraising and pro bono work for Toronto organizations such as St. Christopher HouseThe Stop, and The Furniture Bank.

Our People Make a Difference

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, SATOV and a client co-sponsored a new home for victims that Habitat for Humanity  wanted to build. Two of our people volunteered to pitch in so we sent them to the island. Read below to see how our people make a difference.

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti attracted global attention and aid. But after reporters went home and the story fell from view, the need for help continued for millions of people whose lives had been devastated.

In 2012, SATOV partnered with a client to sponsor a new home for a family in the remote village of Léogâne, located on a part of the island that was especially hard hit. We did more than write a cheque: Two of our people volunteered to spend a week in the village helping Habitat for Humanity build 100 new houses in the community.

Sam Roston (Laurier, 2011) and Tyler Colford (Rotman, 2013) worked alongside other volunteers to build a small but functional home for a family that had been living with limited shelter since the earthquake. They did everything from hauling supplies around the site and pounding nails to maneuvering walls into position and fitting window frames.

The most rewarding part of the experience came from working alongside the family that would live in the home, and seeing a village starting to take shape amidst the destruction. Gardens were sprouting around the houses Habitat had already built and a community was showing signs of coming back to life.
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