Are we effectively delivering the target customer experience?

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Customer interactions provide ultimate moments of truth. Will you be able to deliver the brand promise? Did they buy what was right for them, without feeling like they were being sold? If they had a problem, were you able to fix it in a way that they expected? Will customers walk away more loyal and engaged than when they began?

But, budgets don’t allow for endless investment in the experience. Companies need to determine which channels and customer segments should get the most investment, and when improving efficiency might be hindering the customer experience.

In a B2B setting, upsetting individual customers can have significant ramifications, and the service experience is often judged by a range of stakeholders for individual buyers. What’s more, a company can have as many segments as it does customers: which elements of the experience need to be common to all, and where can customization make sense?

What we do

  • We begin by applying knowledge of customer segmentation and buying behaviour to assess each step in the customer journey
  • We conduct a detailed gap analysis against customer expectations and identify the financial impact of improving in these areas
  • We help clients identify which efficiency improvements might also please the customer, which ones can yield savings with minimal risk and which ones may cost more than they save

In a B2B context

  • We use in-depth customer interviews to understand the nuance and variance in customer expectations
  • We translate customer expectations into specific recommendations on everything from account management to service expectations and performance reporting

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  • Journey mapping
  • Contact centre diagnostics
  • Organizational design
  • Value proposition design
  • Process improvement
  • Operating model design


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