An experienced facilitator and speaker, Mark Satov is a business advisor who pushes his clients to do better.

Mark Satov and Alicja Siekierska discuss the sale of MEC and member backlash, Manulife’s new travel insurance policy complete w/COVID coverage and how the rich are getting richer and the rest are getting angrier as a result. Plus, how to leverage the gig economy and managing WFH stress.

Mark Satov & Alicja Siekierska discuss the new PC Money Account (combining no fee banking & PC Optimum). They also tackle the impact of COVID-19 on working moms (nearly 1/3 considered quitting!) and Loblaw’s investment in Maple. Plus, strategies around changing your brand/customer focus and seasonal business solutions.

Mark Satov and Alicja Siekierska talk about how to manage expectations for how long COVID will last. Spoiler alert: a while! They will discuss Amazon’s plans to hire 2.5K staff for new fulfillment centres, LVMH’s back-out of a $16B deal with Tiffany, Lululemon’s results and more retail news. Plus, strategies for live event businesses and investing in PPE

Mark Satov and Alicja Siekierska discuss the climb in Dollarama revenue, the call from global airlines for widespread COVID-19 passenger testing and Walmart’s new membership club. Plus, pandemic insurance and small biz ecommerce fulfillment.

Mark Satov and Alicja Siekierska discuss the CEBA extension and CECRA expiry, OSFI’s deferral announcement, and a quick roundup of what’s happening in the retail landscape. Plus, the status of Toronto’s restaurant industry and approaches to alternate financing.

Mark Satov and Alicja Siekierska discuss Canada Post’s $378M loss in Q2, the impact we’ll see as CERB transitions to EI and why used vehicles are getting more expensive in Canada. Plus, the evolving “norm’ of online versus in-person behaviour and an important question: Is it ethical to take advantage of weak competitors right now?

Mark Satov and Alicja Siekierska discuss Government policy and its impact on consumer confidence and real estate as well as the cruise line business. Plus, a deep discussion on helping employees with the challenges in the workplace today, especially mental health

Mark Satov and Jeff Lagerquist discuss the evolving food landscape with groceries rising and restaurants falling, cashierless checkouts in convenience stores, and AMC’s amazing reopening deal! Plus, helping small business think about rewards programs and seasonal business.

Mark Satov and Alicja Siekierska discuss Simon’s move to lease mall space to Amazon for fulfillment centres, Indigo shopper behaviour and Air Canada’s new Aeroplan program. Plus, managing debt in today’s climate and downsizing considerations

Written by: Alicja Siekierska | Yahoo Finance

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the economy, many businesses across the country are hurting, some even struggling to survive as demand disappears and capital is harder to come by.

Companies small and large are grappling with difficult questions as a result of the virus outbreak: What should I be doing for my employees? How do I make up the sales I’ve lost because of the lockdown? What is the best way to ensure my business survives through this incredibly tumultuous time?

The challenges are unprecedented and complex. To help navigate all the uncertainty, Yahoo Finance Canada is launching a new live show called Crisis Management, with the first episode starting this Thursday.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m. ET, we’ll sit down with expert strategist Mark Satov, founder of Satov Consultants, to get to the bottom of the many questions businesses have amid the coronavirus pandemic. The show will be streamed live on Yahoo Finance Canada, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Mark Satov, a strategy expert and founder of Satov Consultants

Satov has more than two decades of experience as a strategist, and says he hopes the show will help small business owners in particular get the advice they need to help make it through this crisis.

“Running a small business is frankly just as hard as running a large one – I know because my consulting business is a small business,” he said.

“I have worked with lots of businesses as they navigate difficult situations. So I hope to have some helpful suggestions to improve results, and that by sharing experience with our audience, we can generate a sense of community and a belief that we can see our way to the other side.”

If you’re a business owner trying to get through this crisis and have a question you want answered, or an experience that you want to share, please get in touch. Submit your question ahead of time in the comment section below, tweet us at @YahooFinanceCA or email

We’ll also take your questions throughout the livestream, so keep those questions coming and join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m. ET for the latest Crisis Management.

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An experienced speaker and facilitator with an engaging approach.

Mark Satov works with a wide range of clients through the work of his firm, SATOV Consultants, and he plays a hands-on role in ensuring that his team delivers sound strategy alongside actionable recommendations. He is a frequent commentator on mainstream business media, including BNN, CBC and The Globe and Mail, providing his views on business events and trends. Producers appreciate his candid and straightforward approach.

Mark regularly acts as facilitator for clients supporting off sites, board meetings and strategy sessions. Mark is known for his ability to manage tough discussions, from strategic planning to client re-organizations. His relaxed style, sense of humor and no-nonsense approach promote engaged discussion among participants at all levels of the organization. His business intuition and depth of knowledge ensures that the groups are challenged on both process and content, resulting in high-quality outcomes. He also uses his facilitation expertise when speaking at conferences using a conversational style to involve the audience.

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Today on @YahooFinance’s Crisis Management: @marksatov and @alicjawithaj break down yesterday's throne speech, Brookfield's decision to cut 20% of retail unit employees and the supposed partnership between Echelon and Amazon.