An experienced facilitator and speaker, Mark Satov is a business advisor who pushes his clients to do better.

You need to have a plan. Mark Satov joined Greg Bonnell on BNN Bloomberg to discuss the economic impacts of coronavirus on businesses and also the need for leaders to set precedent early within their companies.

‘you can’t sell products to women if you don’t respect women’. Mark Satov discussed Victoria’s Secret with Greg Bonnell and also touched on Forever 21, Pier 1 and other struggling brands

Too good to be true… or just a great deal? Mark Satov discussed Flair’s new pricing plans and a bit about airline pricing in general

Another player who started online and is now mixing it up with an omni-channel retail strategy – selling mattresses with partner retailers and in their own stores. Watch as Greg Bonnell and Mark Satov discussed Casper and their IPO

What do free range eggs, revolving doors and Greta Thunberg have in common? Watch as Mark Satov discusses climate change and Davos with Greg Bonnell

Stay in your lane… and be wary of social media. Mark Satov joined Greg Bonnell to discuss Michael McCain’s weekend tweets regarding Iran.

There is no retail apocalypse. Brick and mortar sales are growing, but retailers need to focus their experience on the target customer and manage their footprint closely. Watch as Mark Satov joined Greg Bonnell on BNN Bloomberg to discuss.

This was an easy decision for Rogers Media – sponsors hated it, Canadians with a heart and a brain hated it and he didn’t even have the decency to apologize. Watch as Mark Satov discusses Don Cherry with Greg Bonnell on BNN Bloomberg

It’s a long term game and Drake isn’t late. Mark joined Greg on BNN Bloomberg to discuss celebrity endorsements in the Cannabis industry and how they affect investors and consumers.

Mark and Greg discussed U.S. Open winner Bianca Andreescu, and her ability to capitalize on her new personal super-brand

An experienced speaker and facilitator with an engaging approach.

Mark Satov works with a wide range of clients through the work of his firm, SATOV Consultants, and he plays a hands-on role in ensuring that his team delivers sound strategy alongside actionable recommendations. He is a frequent commentator on mainstream business media, including BNN, CBC and The Globe and Mail, providing his views on business events and trends. Producers appreciate his candid and straightforward approach.

Mark regularly acts as facilitator for clients supporting off sites, board meetings and strategy sessions. Mark is known for his ability to manage tough discussions, from strategic planning to client re-organizations. His relaxed style, sense of humor and no-nonsense approach promote engaged discussion among participants at all levels of the organization. His business intuition and depth of knowledge ensures that the groups are challenged on both process and content, resulting in high-quality outcomes. He also uses his facilitation expertise when speaking at conferences using a conversational style to involve the audience.

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