An experienced facilitator and speaker, Mark Satov is a business advisor who pushes his clients to do better.

This was an easy decision for Rogers Media – sponsors hated it, Canadians with a heart and a brain hated it and he didn’t even have the decency to apologize. Watch as Mark Satov discusses Don Cherry with Greg Bonnell on BNN Bloomberg

It’s a long term game and Drake isn’t late. Mark joined Greg on BNN Bloomberg to discuss celebrity endorsements in the Cannabis industry and how they affect investors and consumers.

Mark and Greg discussed U.S. Open winner Bianca Andreescu, and her ability to capitalize on her new personal super-brand

Own it and move on! Mark joined Greg on BNN Bloomberg to discuss brand redemption in light of the Equifax scandal settlement.  They also touched on the rising prize money in tennis and the value of celebrity.

Did the consumer really win with the new airline ‘bill of rights’? Mark joined Greg to discuss that and also touched on Amazon Prime Day 

Kawhi did you leave so soon… Mark and Greg discussed the Raptors post Kawhi Leonard, as well as his favourite tennis stars, and more broadly the impact of mega celebrities in the business of sport.

“IF” the government could pull it off it would be great, but that is a giant IF and Mark bet’s no. Mark & Greg discussed national pharmacare on BNN

Third party loyalty is a hard business, especially when you have to sell to government. Mark discussed Carrot’s demise with Greg and also touched on edibles regulation

Fans are not the only ones celebrating the big Raptors win. Mark and Greg discussed the impact of sports marketing and the benefit for the brands that participate.

The PE deal of the year in Canada for sure! Mark discussed the Westjet acquisition with Greg on BNN Bloomberg

An experienced speaker and facilitator with an engaging approach.

Mark Satov works with a wide range of clients through the work of his firm, SATOV Consultants, and he plays a hands-on role in ensuring that his team delivers sound strategy alongside actionable recommendations. He is a frequent commentator on mainstream business media, including BNN, CBC and The Globe and Mail, providing his views on business events and trends. Producers appreciate his candid and straightforward approach.

Mark regularly acts as facilitator for clients supporting off sites, board meetings and strategy sessions. Mark is known for his ability to manage tough discussions, from strategic planning to client re-organizations. His relaxed style, sense of humor and no-nonsense approach promote engaged discussion among participants at all levels of the organization. His business intuition and depth of knowledge ensures that the groups are challenged on both process and content, resulting in high-quality outcomes. He also uses his facilitation expertise when speaking at conferences using a conversational style to involve the audience.

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It’s a long term game and @Drake isn’t late. Mark joined @greg_bonnell on @BNNBloomberg to discuss celebrity endorsements in the #Cannabis industry and how they affect investors and consumers.