An experienced facilitator and speaker, Mark Satov is a customer-focused business advisor who pushes his clients to do better.

Bad brand catching up to bad coffee – Tim Hortons slides from Top 10 in brand reputation survey. Buyer or seller – Aecon’s tough spot.

Mark on Global News 640 Toronto re the latest on H&M stock falls. Got to be faster and cheaper.

A summer timeline for Cannabis legalization may not happen, Starbucks vows to close gender wage gap at its Canadian stores, did they/didn’t they – Torstar and Postmedia talked job cuts before deal

Why sell guns at all?! US retailers doing a BIT to help the problem, Spotify prepares to go public…with some big questions on the business model, and Putin saber-rattling again

1 in 4 Canadian retirees living with debt, Loblaw books $107-million charge on bread scandal, CIBC reports better-than-expected results for Q1

Bread price-fixing scandal will be net gain for Loblaw in longer term

Higher than predicted Shaw employees take buyout offer, Shopify are all about growing their number of merchants, Weston family said to create Canada’s largest REIT

Elon Musk sold all 20K Boring flamethrowers, PC Optimum program is launched, Calgary-based think tank create “The ‘Just in Case’ Plan” for businesses

Live from NRF: Retail’s Big Show 2018

SATOV 2017 Wrap Up with guest speaker Mike Katchen, Co-founder & CEO of Wealthsimple

An experienced speaker and facilitator with an engaging approach.

Mark Satov is a business advisor who pushes his clients to do better. He works with a wide range of clients on their customer strategy through the work of his firm, SATOV Consultants, and he plays a hands-on role in ensuring that his team delivers sound strategy alongside actionable recommendations. He is a frequent commentator on mainstream business media, including BNN, CBC and The Globe and Mail, providing his views on business events and trends. Producers appreciate his candid and straightforward approach.

Mark regularly acts as facilitator for clients supporting events such as off sites, board meetings and strategy sessions. Mark is known for his ability to manage tough discussions, from strategic planning to client re-organizations. His relaxed style, sense of humor and no-nonsense approach promote engaged discussion among participants at all levels of the organization. His business intuition and depth of knowledge ensures that the groups are challenged on both process and content, resulting in high-quality outcomes. He also uses his facilitation expertise when speaking at conferences using a conversational style to involve the audience.

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