What is the most efficient way to market?

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Technology has forced players in all industries to rethink their approach to channels and go to market strategy. The role of the intermediary has changed dramatically. Manufacturers and their distributors have become accustomed to competing with each other and consumers expect an experience that is consistent regardless of where and how they buy.  Sales and marketing leaders need to figure out the right channels, the right level of investment to maximize each and how to present an omnichannel experience that drives more profit from their customers.

What we do

  • We begin with an analysis of where and how consumers prefer to buy and compare that to the channels our clients are prioritizing
  • We estimate the impact of emerging channels and quantify the potential profit impacts of changes to the role of the intermediary, either internal or third party
  • We often help to restructure the relationship with agents and franchisees to maximize total profit

Across marketing channels

  • We use complex analytics to optimize spend by isolating the factors that most impact sales
  • We use a range of survey techniques to gauge how consumers digest and use marketing messages and how that differs across segments
  • We use econometric analysis to give marketers precision on the impact of ALL of the inputs to sales, recognizing that small changes can have big impacts on their Return on Marketing Investment

For the sales force

  • We identify ways to improve effectiveness through internal benchmarking and variance analysis, external best practices and direct customer feedback
  • We help design sales organizations that have the right level of coverage and support, and we model potential incentive structures to ensure that employers are paying for the behaviors that matter most

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  • Value proposition design
  • Channel analysis and planning
  • Econometric modelling
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Quantitative surveys
  • Qualitative research
  • Focus groups


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