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SATOV way, go to market, products pricing

Since 2002, SATOV has been the leading alternative to ‘big consulting’ for private equity.

Are we serving the right customers and doing it well?

Which customers are ideal for us? Next best?

What is it about us that they value most?

Are we meeting their needs?

What We Do
What should we sell and how much should we charge?

Which products and services do our customers expect to buy from us?

How similar are the purchase decisions among the products?

What We Do
What is the most efficient way to market?

Are we selling through the right channels? Is each performing its role?

Are we communicating the right messages in the right media, with the right frequency?

What We Do
Are we effectively delivering the target customer experience?

Which interactions are most important along the customer journey?

What is the target customer experience that helps deliver the brand promise?

Can we use our resources more efficiently?

What We Do
How can we maximize share of wallet and retention?

What stops customers from giving us more of their business?

What data would help us better manage our customers, and how can we get it from them?

What We Do

Our clients call us to answer questions on their target such as:

  • How much will the market grow? What can change the trend?
  • How sticky is the customer base? What could cause attrition?
  • What are the most significant competitive threats?
  • Are there opportunities to increase gross margins? What can make them move in the wrong direction?
We are ready to perform Commercial Diligence at a moment’s notice to meet exclusivity timelines.
SATOV way, go to market, products pricing

Once a deal has been struck, we quickly shift our attention to realizing the goals of the investment thesisWe help our clients:

  • Gain alignment with management on the vision and strategy
  • Plan for the first 100 days
  • Prioritize growth opportunities
SATOV way, go to market, products pricing

During the course of the investment, we act as a trusted partner to shareholders and management as they seek to maximize the value of the investment. We help our clients:

  • Facilitate strategic planning exercises
  • Dive into customer strategy to accelerate growth
  • Explore cost savings opportunities
  • Identify M&A opportunities
SATOV way, go to market, products pricing

Tuck-in acquisitions and mergers can bring a distinct set of challenges.  We bring our post-merger integration experience to bear and help our clients minimize short-term disruptions and maximize long-term value.

SATOV way, go to market, products pricing



Our process is tried and true


We scale our teams and fees to the opportunity


We share risk on investments and value creation


Our collaborative style makes us an easy choice for management

SATOV way, go to market, products pricing

What our clients say:

“Large consulting firms are hit and miss. You never know if you’re going to get the A-Team but you’re always getting charged the A-team price. SATOV provides a consistent, top-tier offering that scales to fit our needs”

Large US FundPartner

“SATOV got on the ground and up to speed quickly. We were on a tight diligence timeline and they did whatever it took to get the job done”

Large US FundPartner

“SATOV does mid-market strategy better than anyone else. They created a strategy that our management team embraced and could execute in our investment horizon”

Mid-Market Canadian FundPartner

"SATOV developed a growth strategy in the retail services industry for one of our portfolio companies. SATOV’s strategic thinking was top notch, and it was coupled with practical and actionable recommendations that enabled us and the company to see a clear path to growth."

Joe Shlesinger - Managing DirectorClearspring Capital (Former Managing Director, Bain Canada)

"We have hired SATOV on more than one occasion to perform due diligence for us. They do a great job getting up to speed on opportunities and giving us sound and objective viewpoints to make investment decisions."

Pete Samson - Managing PartnerIronbridge Equity Partners
SATOV way, go to market, products pricing

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