Value Creation

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“How can we maximize performance in our portfolio companies?”

An uptick in sales growth or a small expense reduction is often the difference between an average investment and a home-run.  It follows that one-time investments in profit growth initiatives can have a substantial return on capital.
We work with private equity funds and their portfolio companies in a variety of ways to help maximize value.

100-day plans

Facilitated strategy sessions

5-year strategic plans

Specific value improvement levers

  • Roadmap for value capture
  • Alignment between management team and investors
  • Smooth ownership transition
  • Collaborative approach to strategy creation
  • Third-party to act as an ‘honest broker’
  • Group accountability for further action
  • Fact based approach to decision making
  • New approach to management
  • Clarity on generating exit value
  • Prioritized opportunities and required investments
  • Customer Strategy
    • Target segments and value proposition
    • Channel strategy
    • Sales effectiveness
  • Operations
    • Lean back office
    • Effective supply chains
  • Accretive M&A

Business managers who are used to managing in an entrepreneurial environment are often reluctant to invest in outside consultants, given cost and culture considerations. We help make the decision easier with a flexible financial model that often includes shared upside. We work hard to make sure our style melds with the company’s culture.

Do you think any of the companies in your portfolio can benefit from an outside perspective? Call us in for an initial idea generation session. We would love to hear from you!