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Daniel Resnick

B. Comm Queen’s University; MA in Law and Diplomacy Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University


Daniel Resnick has worked closely with corporate leaders in financial services, hospitality, retail and energy to identify, refine and deploy strategies that effectively place the customer at the heart of corporate strategy.

Dan is focused on helping clients understand the market trends which are forcing them to adapt their business models, and translating these insights into sustainable growth. He leverages cross-industry experiences to help develop a common understanding of who their customers are, what type of experience they’re looking for, and how to build a growth strategy and operating model that efficiently delivers that experience in a way that supports the organization’s overall strategic objectives.

“I’ve spent my career helping clients across sectors create value through a focus on the customer, and believe that the combination of rigorous analysis and constant collaboration that SATOV brings to the market is the best way to create real impact.”

Daniel Resnick