Are we serving the right customers and doing it well?

Which customers are ideal for us? Next best?

What is it about us that they value most?

Are we meeting their needs?

What We Do
What should we sell and how much should we charge?

Which products and services do our customers expect to buy from us?

How similar are the purchase decisions among the products?

What We Do
What is the most efficient way to market?

Are we selling through the right channels? Is each performing its role?

Are we communicating the right messages in the right media, with the right frequency?

What We Do
Are we effectively delivering the target customer experience?

Which interactions are most important along the customer journey?

What is the target customer experience that helps deliver the brand promise?

Can we use our resources more efficiently?

What We Do
How can we maximize share of wallet and retention?

What stops customers from giving us more of their business?

What data would help us better manage our customers, and how can we get it from them?

What We Do
Our Approach

At SATOV we believe that every client situation is unique and thus requires a tailored approach.

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“Objective and analytical perspectives on a business assist, but never replace, the experience and judgment of its employees.”

– Mark Satov –

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Advice is valuable but help is better. Our team is ready to help.

Team and approach

Work at SATOV

We recruit smart, savvy individuals who possess the intellectual heft and professional acumen necessary to help deliver results for our clients.

We work with SATOV often, and get consistently great results. They conduct commercial diligence efficiently and thoroughly. In our portfolio, they help our management teams stretch their thinking to accelerate EBITDA growth

Brent Belzberg, Sr. Managing Partner of TorQuest Partners

We work with SATOV often, and get consistently great results. They conduct commercial diligence efficiently and thoroughly. In our portfolio, they help our management teams stretch their thinking to accelerate EBITDA growth

Brent Belzberg, Sr. Managing Partner of TorQuest Partners

I've engaged SATOV at both Hampstead Park Capital and Sagard Capital. They mobilize fast and get us the fact-based insights we need to make investment decisions. They’ve also quickly gained the trust of management teams in our portfolio and driven value creation initiatives. Thanks for all the help over the years!

Dan Friedberg, Managing Partner of Hampstead Park Capital Management

I’ve worked with SATOV — they are awesome. Our work was around strategy and implementation. I found their insights remarkably accurate and implementable. We used essentially all of their advice and it is working well for us.

Sam Duboc, CEO of CBT Associates, Former Managing Director at EdgeStone Capital Partners

SATOV developed a growth strategy in the retail services industry for one of our portfolio companies. SATOV’s strategic thinking was top notch, and it was coupled with practical and actionable recommendations that enabled us and the company to see a clear path to growth.

Joe Shlesinger, Managing Director of Callisto Capital (Former Managing Director, Bain Canada)

We have hired SATOV on more than one occasion to perform due diligence for us. They do a great job at getting up to speed on opportunities and giving us sound and objective viewpoints with which to make investment decisions.

Pete Samson, Managing Partner of Ironbridge Equity Partners

The coming together of the Heart and Stroke foundations across the provinces into a single national entity was an important yet complex turning point for our organization. Mark did masterful job at staging the right discussions and then bringing various groups together to help us move through decisions in a way that was systematic and comfortable for a wide range of decision makers.

Irfhan A. Rawji, Former Chairman of the Board Heart and Stroke Foundation

I hired SATOV to assist us in quickly addressing some fundamental strategic decisions. We formed a joint team of SATOV and Telus employees and together ran a very efficient process to deliver against tight deadlines. My team and I had a great sense of ownership and confidence in the recommendations we made, which ultimately improved profitability. Thanks for the help!

Stephane Dubreuil, Former SVP, Strategy and Consumer Marketing TELUS Communications Company

The SATOV team helped us with some complex operational & organizational issues that required co-ordination and input across a wide variety of groups. In a relatively short period of time, we had developed recommendations that are expected to significantly improve our effectiveness with substantial buy in from the parties involved.

Ross Petersmeyer, Vice-President of Strategy Great-West Life Assurance

Thank you for SATOV’s strategic help, advice and partnership along the way. We couldn’t have accomplished the turnaround without you.

Brett Marchand President and CEO, Cossette Communication CEO, Vision 7 International

Even as an intern, I could define my own experience and it carried into my work now as a consultant. I did meaningful work and was meeting with clients from Day 1. To get that level of exposure to executives, to be in the room during the decision-making process and see how they think, to even get to give input, is a unique learning experience.

Sam Roston, SATOV alumni

I thought SATOV was the best place I could have worked at in my first role after school. It’s hard to match the breadth of experience across industries and business problems, and the range of amazing people I’ve met along the way in all sorts of businesses and in all roles. Just be prepared to work hard before you sign. Call me if you have any doubts.

Kuba Soltysiak, SATOV alumni

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