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Mark Satov

Founder and leader
SATOV Consultants Inc.



Mark’s experience includes hands-on operational involvement as an entrepreneur and business leader. Before founding SATOV Consultants, Mark worked as a management consultant with Bain & Company. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University and an MBA from Duke University.

Mark makes weekly appearances as Peter Armstrong’s special guest on CBC’s On The Money, and he and Peter also host a monthly Facebook Live event called Business Survival Guide.  In addition, Mark is a frequent commentator for other mainstream business media, including BNN and The Globe and Mail.

Mark is a skilled facilitator and trusted advisor, known for pushing his clients to achieve their best business results. Mark lends his time to a range of important causes, including Food Allergy Canada, the School for Social Entrepreneurs of Ontario, West Neighbourhood House and the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center.

How Mark helps our clients develop more profitable customers

Mark uses his business intuition to determine the level of change our clients can handle. He takes the analysis and recommendations of his team and works with the client to determine their willingness to translate this into action. Mark asks the tough questions and provides insights that our clients need to hear, but he does so with the empathy that comes from having been in their shoes. Together, they determine an action plan for creating more profitable customers.

How Mark’s previous experience makes him a better consultant

A lifelong entrepreneur, Mark is a brilliant strategist who welcomes even the most difficult business challenges. In his early 20s, Mark was responsible for the turnaround of an insolvent Montreal-based construction company. He faced adversity and learned quickly that relationships, balance and smart management are critical to a business’ success, especially during times of change and uncertainty. He credits these early experiences as the basis for the no-nonsense business intelligence he brings to his interactions with senior leaders today.

How SATOV’s clients would describe Mark

Mark is known to our clients as an advisor who puts things in perspective and gets leaders to make the right decisions at the right time. He helps our clients make sense of the analysis provided by the SATOV team, and coaches them through the implications of each potential direction, giving honest feedback at every point in the decision-making process.

Mark’s favourite aspect of SATOV’s team culture

Every Friday, a team member presents as part of the weekly team meeting. Mark believes that this constant knowledge sharing and immediate presentation feedback produces communicators and presenters of the highest calibre. He feels that strong communication skills are critical for moving our clients to action, and these meetings help every individual in the firm to develop and improve these skills rapidly.

What does Mark think SATOV’s potential clients should know about him?

“I consider it a privilege to be trusted enough by my clients to advise them on critical issues. I don’t assume that I always have the right answer. But I do think my team and I have a perspective that is worth listening to and considering. And if you decide to make a change, we will be there to help.”