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Sam Puchala



Sam is a customer strategy expert at SATOV. He has advised clients across a broad range of industries in international markets including the United States, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and South Africa. Sam has extensive experience in commercial due diligence, customer segmentation, loyalty, pricing analytics and channel strategy. He brings a deep analytical approach to SATOV’s work, removing the guesswork for our clients with quantified insights that are the foundation of our strategic recommendations. Sam holds degrees in law and pharmacology, and an MBA.

Sam’s role in developing more profitable customers for our clients

Sam’s analytical expertise helps our clients make sense of their data as it relates to customer profitability. He believes that, to have the greatest impact, improvements across the journey should be quantified and mapped to segments. Sam ensures that all customer experience decisions are driven by customer insights and profitability.

How our clients would describe Sam

Sam is known to our clients as brilliant and highly analytical. At the same time, our clients know that Sam is also there to help in any way he can. He is committed to helping SATOV’s clients find, serve and retain more profitable customers. Sam isn’t just there to fulfil a scope; our clients know that he will do what it takes to ensure a project’s success.

Why Sam chose (and stuck it out in) consulting

Like many new consultants, Sam was drawn to the profession by the opportunity to learn from smart people, contribute to a variety of projects and travel extensively for his work. Initially, consulting was a short-term career move, and Sam left the profession for a period to take on finance and product management roles with a big pharma company. Sam was drawn back to consulting when he joined SATOV. He was attracted by the focus on implementation and the opportunity to work with Mark, who was a friend and colleague at Bain, to build SATOV up from a fledging consulting firm. Sam was an integral part of building what SATOV has become today.

Favourite aspect of SATOV’s team culture

Like so many on our team, Sam points to SATOV’s culture as very unique in the profession. He notes that close bonds are formed quickly, and that these relationships make the tougher moments easier to get through. Sam says that everyone in the firm is driven to succeed, and describes the culture as “not internally competitive, but externally competitive”. This mix of camaraderie and drive is something that sets SATOV apart.

What does Sam think SATOV’s potential clients should know?

“We will never let a project fail. We will always find a way to get it done.”