We recognize that our clients have different needs now than they did just two weeks ago. We are trying our best to be responsive and provide whatever they need, even if that means they don’t need anything from us at all

Our clients need help in specific areas now

Retain sales

Top customer retention strategy: Helping top customers stay loyal

Crisis service offering design: Short term and service-level linked price strategy

Alternate capacity use options: Interim products and services for current and new clients with available resources

Online channel assessment: Feasibility, investment and long-term utility of online and contactless channel shift for the crisis

Conserve cash

Rapid procurement analysis: Lowest cost supplier, consolidation, terms and price relief

Production and capacity planning: Minimize working capital and disruption

Quick-hit cost efficiency: Back office, front line, supply chain

Come out stronger

Post-crisis strategy: Facilitated ideation, targeted changes or full strategy refresh

Acquisition scan: Identified and prequalified targets

Reorganize for effectiveness: Organization and process redesign. opportunities to optimize talent

Full cost structure reassessment: Bottoms up build calibrated to the new normal

We’ve adapted our business to help our clients adapt theirs

Typical SATOV differentiators

Top-tier quality

Rigorous analytical process

Top-tier strategy credentials


Collaborative style

Implementation-ready recommendations

Competitive fees

Lower rates

Flexible team sizes

Risk sharing

Shared upside for strategy and operations projects

Broken-deal discounts for diligence projects

Adapting to the crisis

Remote project teams

Facilitation to leverage internal teams

Faster outcomes

Potential for more risk and deferred payment (case dependent)

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