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Summer ’22 interns

By July 12, 2022August 2nd, 2022Insights, Careers, People

Our interns this year are all from Ivey, are all brilliant, and have all contributed to client work. Having fun and learning tons! (We are also happy to be welcoming back Rhea and Kristen full-time in September 2023!)

Here’s their advice to others:

Rhea Dutta

Kristen Nessim

Andy Chiang


Ivey HBA1 going into HBA2

Ivey HBA1 going into HBA2

Ivey going into HBA3 with dual degree in Med Sci





Previous internship

Loyalty marketing at Giant Tiger

City of Barrie

Mercer HR and Compensation

Work at SATOV

Three commercial diligence projects: two in finance and one in heavy industry.

Three commercial diligence projects: one in finance, one in automotive and one in heavy industry.

Worked deeply on higher education strategy project designing new program with input from students and employers.

Two pieces of advice for interns and analysts

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – whether from your project team or others. Everyone is here to help you!

2. If you are asked to do something, just do it; review draft early with team member or manager.

1. Be prepared for making slides better than you thought possible.

2. Spend some time brushing up on your Excel shortcuts – speed is an ally!

1. Loosen up: Everyone at the firm wants you to succeed – there’s room for everyone.

2. Don’t stress the little things – when you make mistakes, acknowledge them, fix them, and move on. Nobody is keeping a list!

Tech tips

PC tip: ALT-TAB between screens!

Eye health tip: Use an external larger monitor.

MS Excel tip: Control or shift + Space to select/ highlight row or column.

Most fun so far

Friday afternoon presentations are great because they mix semi-casual time and learning together!

SATOV offsite! Hanging out with whole team in a casual setting. I really liked the “Maid of the Mist” even though I thought I wouldn’t!

SATOV offsite in Niagara – chill and relax; seeing the other side of all your colleagues, good conversations.

Editor’s Note

Rhea shared a fabulous presentation on blockchain – where it’s been and where it’s going. Will get this into an upcoming newsletter!

Thanks for sharing the gamification of course selection at Ivey. “Points allocation roulette” is certainly a different approach than when I was at school!

Enjoy our conversations on the future of democracy and the multi-party system. So many solutions, so little bi- or multi-party support!