SATOV way, go to market, products pricing

Many of our clients start with a set of profitable customers and want more of them.

SATOV helps these clients scour the market for more customers that they can serve as profitably, while identifying the unique offerings they can leverage to new customer segments. As in numerous Private Equity situations, sometimes companies just want to know if the profitable customers they have are happy enough to continue to grow and multiply. We use our in-house primary research techniques to garner insight on the market to help our clients make informed decisions about existing or new potential customers.

Other times, our clients are looking for ways to get more profit out of the customers they serve today.

SATOV helps them develop the right products at the right price, to contemplate the most efficient channels and marketing tactics to reach these customers, and to maximize lifetime value through share of wallet and loyalty. We also help clients optimize the service interactions they have with their customers, finding just the right balance between being efficient and delivering the target customer experience. We use a combination of primary research, deep financial analysis and our on the ground operations knowledge to help our clients design the optimal customer experience at every stage of the journey.

Sometimes it isn’t just one thing…  it’s everything!

When companies find themselves at a turning point due to new leadership, new ownership, or significant new threats and opportunities, they call us. We help them put together a comprehensive customer-focused strategy complete with financial projections, organizational implications and action plans.

Our clients consistently tell us that, in addition to our subject matter expertise, they call us because they love working with us.

They appreciate having access to a rigorous management consulting approach that doesn’t come with the baggage of exorbitant fees, pre-set ideas and teams, or recommendations that are often too theoretical to be implemented. We are serious about the approach we bring to management consulting, codified in The SATOV Way.